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07.02.2018 19:03
I found your music on Spotify and the sounds is absolutely amazing. The Aio album is my favorite. You should come to Austin, Texas for a tour man.

By the way, what is the time and date convention you guys use on the web site. How should we read it?
13.02.2018 12:13
Metsatöll uses the chronology of the localnatural religion. It begins with the Billingen catastrophe of 8213 before Common Era, whenthe Baltic ice lake broke its way into the ocean and most of the current territory of Estoniaappeared from under the water

02.10.2017 06:55
Absolutely awesome sound fellas, really see/feel the raw power of forest spirit energy you make your music evokes to dance! Cheers from Australia , I miss Estonian beer !!!!!!!!!!!
11.11.2017 19:10
Cheers! Terviseks!

15.09.2017 05:02

Hello from USA. I found you guys last year. I came to Estonia this July and I got to see you in Parnu and Kardla. It was great. Glad I got to finally see you guys in person. Great band. Great music!

Thanks! -Matt Wagner
11.11.2017 19:09
Thank you

20.05.2017 01:57
I stumbled across Metsatoll, while looking for a song by Veljio Tormis.
Hoooooly shit !!!!!!
i love The sound of Metsatoll!
It's an ancient sound combined with a modern twist,
the power, the of the percussion, the bagpipes, the the weird Celtic twist it has had me transfixed.
Come to Austin, Texas Metsatoll!!!
02.06.2017 20:31
Thank you! And let´s hope that some day we will perform in Texas again!

08.05.2017 18:18
Tervitused Narvast !
Suured tänud Teie loomingu eest !
17.05.2017 21:36
Suut tänu!

28.02.2017 18:59
Aitäh Metsatöll! Tänu teile hakkasin õppima eesti keeles. Ma olen ikka veel väga hästi osa sellest, kuid kuidagi. Ma armastan sind ja sind näha kontserti! Regards, ventilaator Soomest. :) <3
01.03.2017 11:15
Hyvä! Tullaan Suomeen maaliskuussa!

20.01.2017 13:17
Odotellaan innolla teidän saapumista keikoille tänne Suomeen. Näemme!
22.01.2017 19:34

07.12.2016 18:23
You guys are amazing. Your songs have a lot of passion and warrior spirit in them, and I love it. Thank you guys for doing what you do, and please- don't ever quit! :)
You guys should consider coming to the United States more often. ;)

Good wishes from Alabama of the southern United States of America.
09.12.2016 10:25
Thank you!

25.07.2016 22:49

Palun mängige Kuimetsas sellist laulu nagu Iivakivi.

01.03.2016 22:52
Ulg on aika kovaa kamaa. Pysykää tiukkana eteläinen veljeskansa.
09.03.2016 21:14
21.12.2015 21:28
The concert at K17 in Berlin on 13th of december 2015 was so great... your Music is so powerful with full of Magic! I love your Music so much Lauri and Markus: your voices are very Special (beautyful) i Admire you a lot! exactly in the middle in front of the stage I have stood your Music is the best!

Lauri your love to build your own instruments and your Passion to the Music is... wow...

best greetings from Berlin/Germany!

.... sorry for my bad english....

I hope you will come back to Berlin /Germany
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